The attention to the Quality is the distinctive mark of HS PENTA, the factor which links each compartment of the production chain, from the selection of raw materials, to the technological up-date of the product range, to the selection of our partners, up to the marketing and after-sales service.

Just an example: the seamless tubes, cold drawn, carefully selected to guarantee narrow tolerances, best structural quality, mechanical and technological features with high reliability, are supplied by TENARIS-DALMINE, a world leading Company in the production of steel tubes.

Thanks to the deeply rooted vocation for a continuous up-date of its quality parameters, HS PENTA can fulfil the stringent demand of key accounts, whose technical specifications are the most demanding.

The TÜV Certification is the expression of this philosophy, and a further guarantee of the total reliability of a Company whose orientation to the customer is expressed in the quality of their products.