Points of strength

Stages machined from seamless hot rolled tubes, both on the O.D. and in the I.D.

Very large overlap (double bottom guides) resulting in extra-stiff column strength

Higher working pressure

Chromed piston rod as standard, for a longer lifetime of the most stressed pressure and wiper seal

The largest range of models available worldwide, with lifting capacity from 20 to 100 tons and more

Range, Power, Versatility
This Range of cylinders is designed specifically for Light Tippers and Agricultural Tippers. The max admitted pressure is 220 bars.

Quality in every detail
Even if engineered with particular attention to dimensions and costs, HS PENTA Light Duty Cylinders have many quality features, as for instance bottom/top guides in Delrin (sometimes increased in width when dependent upon the length of the cylinder), pressure and double lip wiper seals in polyurethane, high quality finish on the OD of all tubes and swivel oil inlet.

Wide flexibility
These cylinders are available both with standard pins, welded in the ram base, and in trunnion/eye version for rear tipping only. Available accessories: cradle and frame brackets (bolt-on and weld-on type), hydraulic end-of-stroke devices.

Protective coatings
Light Duty Cylinders are available with Light and Heavy Hard chromed stages Phosphating, Ball cap & Ram zinc-plated or colour painted