Points of strength

Stages machined from cold rolled seamless steel, honed/ground on both ID and OD

Extra stiff column thanks to the large overlap between the stages, guaranteed by the double top guides

High working pressure

Best ratio between cylinder size and tipping capacity

The largest range available in the market, lifting power from 4 to 62 tons.

Strokes up to 6.500 mm

Range, Power, Versatility
Thanks to the ability to develop customised solutions, HS PENTA is a professional and reliable partner for the most important bodybuilders in Europe and worldwide.

The quality and reliability of HS PENTA are shown also in this Range of Under-Body cylinders, engineered to guarantee to any bodybuilder the most effective solution in terms of compactness, stroke and lifting capacity.

Thanks to the many different available models (stroke up to 6.500 mm, max pressure 200 bar) these under-body rams can be used for many different applications, both on truck and on semi-trailers, for rear and three-way tippers.

Furthermore, these cylinders are available in high-pressure version (max pressure 300 bar), allowing a weight reduction of the cylinder and relevant accessories (oil tank, pump size, tipping valve).

Quality in every detail
Very small machining tolerances and guides in high quality material (Delrin) guarantee extra-small running clearance, resulting in an extremely stiff extended cylinder providing maximum contribution to the complete vehicle.
Double bottom guides, spaced in proportion to the stroke of the cylinder optimise the overlap between the stages, for the greatest rigidity of the cylinder.
Seals and wiper seals in polyurethane and high finish quality of the stages guarantee, under normal working conditions, a lifetime leak-free cylinder.
Double lip wiper seals stops dirt getting into the cylinder, giving extended cylinder lifetime.
Each stage is machined from solid tube (hot rolled, seamless type). The stop rings, an area particularly stressed at each tipping cycle, are machined from solid.
The ball on the top of the last extending tube is induction hardened.
The swivel oil adaptor avoids twisting of the hose when the cylinder is rotating.

Wide Flexibility
HS PENTA Heavy & Medium Duty cylinders can be combined with mounting accessories (cradle, chassis supports, weld-on and bolt-on type).
Also available is our Cylinder Block System patented safety devices and VCD speed descent control valves. These features are state-of-the-art to prevent damage or injury in the event of hose failure.

Protective coatings
Light Duty Cylinders are available with Light and Heavy Hard chromed stages Phosphating, Ball cap & Ram zinc-plated or colour painted.