Points of strength

Stages machined from seamless hot rolled tubes, both on the O.D. and in the I.D.

Very large overlap (double bottom guides) resulting in extra-stiff column strength

Higher working pressure

Chromed piston rod as standard, for a longer lifetime of the most stressed pressure and wiper seal

The largest range of models available worldwide, with lifting capacity from 20 to 100 tons and more

Strokes up to 10.500 mm

Range, Power, Versatility
Also for this range of Front-Mount Cylinders HS PENTA holds the most effective solutions for the different needs of the Customers. A 20-year based experience has lead HS PENTA to be leaders in European and World markets.
Thanks to the quality of the steel, these cylinders allow for a working pressure of 200 bars. High pressure versions (300 bars max pressure) are available on request, resulting in an overall weight/dimension reduction and consequent smaller size of the oil tank, pump, tipping valve and hoses.
Telescopic double-acting cylinders are also available for dumpers having a large tipping angle (60° or more).

Quality in any detail
Very small machining tolerances and guides in high quality material (Delrin) guarantee extra-small running clearances, resulting in an extremely rigid extended cylinder giving maximum contribution to stability of the complete vehicle.
Double bottom guides, spaced in proportion to the stroke of the cylinder, optimise the overlap between the tube stages for the best cylinder stiffness.
Seals and wiper seals in polyurethane and the high quality of the surface finish of the tubes guarantee, under normal working conditions, a lifetime leak-free cylinder.
Double lip wiper seals stop foreign particles getting into the cylinder providing extended cylinder lifetime.

Each stage is machined from solid tube (hot rolled, seamless type). The stop rings, (an area particularly stressed at each tipping cycle,) are machined from solid.
As the piston rod has the highest speed of extension, HS PENTA specify all Front Mount cylinders with this stage hard chromed, for improved lifetime of seal and wiper seal.
The oil inlet block is designed to allow our C.B.S. patented hose burst valves to be easily fitted, whilst a double hole in the ram base guarantees a “cushioning effect” when the cylinder is retracted.

Wide Flexibility
HS PENTA Front Mount cylinders can be combined with mounting accessories (bottom/top brackets), pneumatic and hydraulic end-of-stroke devices.
Also available is our Cylinder Block System patented safety devices and VCD speed descent control valves. These features are state-of-the-art to prevent damage or injury in the event of hose failure.

Optional features
On request these cylinders can be supplied with fully chromed stages and special paint.

As for the other HS PENTA Front Mount Cylinders, these Ram & Tank units have many distinctive features which makes them unique and superior to any competition. The tube stages are machined from solid tube to give extra stiff column strength guaranteed by double bottom guides, large bottom trunnion arm spread and reinforced oil tank frame. A maximum pressure of 200bars gives the ultimate in power to weight ratios.

Ease of fitment: the cylinder, oil tank and tipping valve come already pre-assembled, with significant cost/time savings.

The special design of the tank, the larger bottom trunnion arm spread and the well known column strength guarantee an unparalleled stability of the tipping gear.

Also when it comes to combined ram and tanks HS PENTA leads the world.