Penta accessories
Hoses, fittings, safety devices, Penta Locks, Shock Absorbers, spring-loaded cylinders for rear door locks, oil tank brackets.
A wide range of accessories engineered to the highest quality from the best materials available.
HS PENTA ensures superior quality in every detail.

The Quality and reliability of the accessories is a crucial factor for the durability and optimal efficiency of our cylinders.

HS PENTA offers any size/length of pressure and suction hoses complete with relevant fittings.
Cases of hose burst, and relevant damages, can be easily prevented with HS PENTA C.B.S. (Cylinder Blocking System) patented valves.
Other valves (V.C.D.) adjust the descent speed of the body to that which is not dangerous for the driver and for the integrity of the tipper.
A mechanical lock needed when the tipper body is empty and the vehicle is used off-road. Available both for steel and aluminium bodies.
Shock absorbers for semi-trailers, completely engineered at HS PENTA, available both in single and double acting (lifting axle).
Single acting cylinders (extension/retraction spring loaded) for rear door locking hook.
Chassis cradle to fit both a Front Mount Cylinder and Oil Tank.
A practical solution with a modern design for your tipper.